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Naslikala Helena Šircelj / Painted by Helena Šircelj
I am Helena Šircelj, graphics engineer and a clothing modeller by education, but a painter, art lover, explorer of nature, life and its spiritual dimensions at heart. With my work, I wish to bring people closer to the power of nature, which is accompanying and connecting us through life. In this wonderful nature we can find our spiritual faculty, love, self-confidence and creativity which make us glow up.

I also want to share my gift of creation and pass my message to you, so I paint unique energy paintings, as well as design dresses, energy bracelects and necklases. 

Before I start painting the flower of life, or any picture for that matter, I discuss wishes, the purpose and the mission of the painting with the customer. When I receive an image, I receive messages from the universe for a person.

My Creations


Paintings are made in connection with positive energy; they exude a certain vibration into the space they are intended for, as well as to the person moving in this space. Thus we sense harmony in space, relaxation, peace, positive thinking, all of which is created by the energy painting. Paintings may be intended for a particular person, group of people, space, business premises …
I draw my inspiration for painting, among other things, from sacred geometry, most often the flower of life. The flowers of life give us understanding of life, leading us toward positive changes in personal life, as well as in business, health, relationships, love and creativity.
Only a few of my paintings are presented. To view all of my work, please check my social media profiles.
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My Creations


My knowledge, creativity and gift for creating empower me to make clothes that correspond to fashion trends and customers’ wishes. Wishes and fashion trends help me design dresses that define and create their own fashion style. Thus I create fashion clothes and accessories for various groups of people, all seasons, for everyday use or special occasions.
Only a few of my dresses are presented. To view all of my work, please check my social media profiles.
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